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Even if you’re in remarkable physical health, looking in the mirror and being unsatisfied with your appearance takes a toll on your well-being. At Empire Aesthetics in Loma Linda, California, Wilson Gomer, MD, and the team aim to maximize your confidence and mental health with its expanding menu of minimally invasive and noninvasive aesthetic treatments. To explore your options and start on your personalized treatment plan, call the clinic or go online to book your appointment today.


What are aesthetics?

In the medical world, aesthetic medicine encompasses any and all treatments with a primary goal of enhancing or improving your appearance. The secondary goal of these treatments is to improve your own self-confidence to give you a new lease on life. Because of this, aesthetic treatments often improve patients’ mental health while leaving their physical health intact.

At Empire Aesthetics, the team wants all patients to not only enjoy optimal physical health but to see past their insecurities about their face and body in order to feel their best. 

At a consultation, the team works with you to pinpoint your physical insecurities and create a treatment strategy to target them. Aesthetic medicine is becoming increasingly popular as an approach to holistic wellness.

What can aesthetic medicine do for me?

The many aesthetic treatments available today can work wonders on your skin, facial structure, and body shape. Incredibly, many of these procedures are completely noninvasive and give you dramatic results without requiring surgery. 

You can use aesthetic treatments to:

  • Refine your body’s curves
  • Reduce excess fat and skin
  • Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improve your face or body symmetry
  • Help you grow your hair back
  • Eliminate skin imperfections and irregularities
  • Reduce scars

Alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise, these treatments can take years off your appearance with a few simple tweaks. While you can’t go back in time to be your younger self, you can slow down the developments of aging and reverse some of the signs. 

Is it safe to get aesthetic treatments?

While aesthetic treatments aren’t usually clinically necessary or beneficial to your physical health, the wide variety of innovative aesthetic treatments today are becoming safer and more widely available. 

There are risks with nearly any procedure that you get. While consulting with your provider about the possibility of undergoing aesthetic treatments, you can discuss risks and safety in-depth that are specific to your chosen treatment.

As one of the fastest-expanding fields of medicine, aesthetic medicine continues to make dramatic appearance changes widely available. To increase your self-confidence with simple procedures, call Empire Aesthetics or book your consultation online today.